Grey Bear Consultancy

We are a marketing and communications consultancy that believe in the power of communications to influence change.

"We use our heads, hearts and hands to create outstanding results..."

Our Services

Healthcare Marketing & Communications

Through an effective healthcare marketing campaign, we help you to accurately describe how your brand sets itself apart and creates a stack of value.

Brand Strategy & Development

We are CIM qualified and leaders in developing transformational brands with successful strategies.

Digital Marketing

The world is going digital- don't get left behind.
We understand the conflict between digital communications and regulations. If you want a presence online then we’ll help achieve outstanding but compliant channels.

Internal Communications

We work with our clients to bring together cross-functional teams to work in an environment that fosters collaboration, collegiate working and divergent thinking.

Grey Bear Training

Grey Bear offers an educational service that transforms skills, ways of working, and empowers teams to achieve brilliant results together.

Social Media

A social media presence is essential for raising disease awareness. It’s a great and growing channel for patients to build communities that support improved self-management and awareness.

Who are Grey Bear?


Communicare is “to do something in common”.

We believe that the greatest things happen when we work in collaboration. This is at the heart of our work. We love partnering with clients, supporting teams to collaborate and sharing the successful outcomes together.

Communication is the core essential to everything. Communication is information plus emotion. 

We break free from the over-reliance of using science and technology to communicate your brand. We create a strong purpose and emotional connection alongside. No stakeholder is left behind.

What makes Grey Bear?

Being Grey...

Not everything in life is black and white. We are listeners and empathisers, who understand and collaborate, finding the optimal blend of skills and insights to deliver you results. 

Being Bear...

A Bear is seen as a brave and ambitious animal. We are courageous. 

To Bear means to carry weight and be strong. We support all our clients and we become part of your team. We care.

To Bear is to steer a direction. We build great strategies and plans providing you with the direction you need to succeed.

To Bare all shows vulnerability and we believe that authentic vulnerability brings great connections for leaders and businesses. We give our hearts.

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