As the healthcare landscape changes, we recognise that our clients need strong innovative strategies, and innovative and insight driven plans. But they also need simple and effective execution plans that provide a clear value proposition and address the market access challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, aligning to the NHS and your customers’ needs.

Grey Bear is a boutique consultancy that provides tangible and outcome based solutions in healthcare.

The NHS is facing unprecedented change and there is an unmet need for driving value in the NHS. The NHS workforces is under extreme pressures and new health systems are forming and changing the face of the NHS. New stakeholders are emerging and posing real challenges to pharma and private sector. More now than ever our clients need to stand out and deliver impactful and engaging customer and patient centric programmes.

What does this mean?

There are huge opportunities to make a difference, improve lives, drive efficiencies, and make a real difference but our clients need an awesome story to ensure you stand out from the rest.

Grey Bear work across marketing, medical education, market access, public affairs and communications teams to tell stories to the right stakeholders that add purpose, ensure focus and deliver optimal results.

We are obsessed with making efficiencies, repurposing assets and are relentless in pursuing the highest standards.

In a nutshell:

We understand the current NHS challenges, infrastructure, policies and needs and we build a bridge between your goals and your customers’ needs.

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