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The power of humble leadership and how to perfect it…

“Humility. What a beautiful legacy. What a great way to live. And to lead.”
– Robin Sharma, leadership expert, author & speaker

Although it’s easy to think of humility, or being humble, as a character trait first and foremost, with practice it can be developed as a leadership behaviour. And, if we want to become better leaders, we should practice humility.

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Why Brands and Corporate Culture Need to Align to Drive Business Results

Building a strong brand is much more than just thinking about your customers. Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors, and it is essential that you ensure that every employee supports your brand.

Having a “good enough” corporate culture is setting the bar too low, and we should all be striving for collaboration, impactful conversations and teamwork as a foundation in our corporate culture.

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Five ways to get everyone to contribute in a virtual meeting

“You cut out, can you repeat that” – we hear these words daily at the moment and we know too often mean “I was typing another email and wasn’t listening”. “Sorry, I’m late” translates to “the kids wouldn’t stop fighting and I have been a wrestling referee for the last 20 minutes”. And “Sorry, I was on mute” from those who have quite frankly switched off and have other distractions around them. Whilst it is a time of patience and forbearance, we all need to muster through these strange times in the best way. But we can also maximise the productivity of virtual meetings.

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scientific animation service

10 steps to develop an animation

As communicators, we have much to contend with right now as the COVID-19 crisis continues to upend the business world.

We are often asked how clients can find new ways to communicate with customers. If your congress was cancelled, your reps are at home, whilst speaking engagements are on hold, how can you cut through and use digital methods to sustain your customer and internal communications. And what is the most impactful way to engage employees away from the endless Zoom meetings and emails? How can the board send a different message to their remote teams and improve digital communications? And how can you optimise your digital marketing channel offering and speak to your target audiences better?

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