To ensure your business is working efficiently, good communication between your team is vital. To achieve this, your employees should know and understand their own communications preferences, and each others, in order to work together more effectively, and therefore increase collaboration and productively.

Grey Bear offers an educational service that transforms the way your team interact with each other. Our Director is licensed in DISC Insights Behaviours and Motivations assessments which is a powerful leading diagnostic tool that enables quick mind set shifts and behaviour changes that enable engaging and transformational results for your business.

The DISC Insights workshop provides a framework with which to better understand the motivations and preferences of each individual in the team. When we understand each other and our individual communication preferences we learn how to adapt our own behaviour to enable a win:win. The DISC Insight model is a valuable tool for business growth, as it creates lasting self-awareness, strengthens communication, builds team relationships and collaborations and enables high performing teams and authentic leadership.

DISC Insights

Our Team Building Workshop:

The goal of the workshop is to learn about your team’s individual behaviours, and how to use these for the best possible interaction and communication.

In this highly interactive one-day course, team-members begin by completing an online DISC personality assessment, which takes approximately 15 minutes.

Once the team have completed the assessment we generate a Team Wheel which allows the team leader to understand:

  • The possible strains within their team and how to adapt to those team members that seem challenging and different.
  • The strengths and weaknesses within the team – what works well and what could be better.
  • Empowered meetings – better structure and more open and honest discourse leading to better decision making

During the course, team-members will reflect on their detailed personality report. It will allow them to look at their work style, how they interact with others and how they make decisions. This section can often hold clues as to why they may be suited to some roles more than others. This section also identifies their unique talents and provides them with a picture of how they may well be perceived in the workplace.

This workshop also includes a number of team building activities that allow participants to explore their own behavioural styles and preferences “in action”. These activities deepen team connections and heighten awareness of individual communication and problem-solving preferences leading to a high performing team.

If you are interested in people, team and leadership development

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