Healthcare Marketing and Communications

How we support our clients...

Strategic Planning
Brand plans, tactical plans, launch plans.
Communication Programmes
Medical education programmes, thought leader programmes, advisory boards, PR, disease awareness programmes, value communications etc.
Brand tactics
Events, slide development, journal publications, manuscripts, conferences.
Visual communications
Infographics, detail aids, animations, videos, slide decks.
Digital Communications
Website development, SEO, social media, podcast, webinars.
KOL Development
Advisory boards, co-creation of programmes, social listening, KOL engagement plans, stakeholder matrix.
Content Creation
White papers, slide development, interviews, manuscripts, journals, thought leader content, internal communications, press releases.
Design and Creative
From first concept through to finished storyboard, we love the thrill of the creative chase.  Our portfolio and capabilities cover a multitude of sectors and disciplines, both B2B and B2C.  Set us a challenge and we’re in our element!
Franchise and Brand Strategy
From brand planning to tactical implementation, from simplifying the franchise offering to amplifying the brand story, we are leaders in transformational brands and successful go-to-market strategy. With our extensive NHS network, we also ensure that we are ahead of our competition on understanding NHS and health professional needs so you can be sure that your brand delivers patient outcomes and commercial results.

Scientifc Communication

We like to tell a story but sometimes we let animations and videos do this for our clients. 

We produce a full spectrum of visually impactful medical education and marketing support materials such as promotional e-Detailers, scientific core slide decks, mode of action 3-D animations, and much, much more. 

scientific animation service

Publications Planning and Execution

We provide publications planning and scientific editorial support services, with all outputs aligned with the latest Good Publication Practice guidelines.  

We develop manuscripts, abstracts, congress publications and peer journals content for many of our pharmaceutical clients.

We have a team of scientific writers who work with agility and technical prowess. 

Patient Involvement and Engagement

Patients are at the heart of all we do. 

Patients are your most effective communication tool and can often influence healthcare with impressive impacts. 

Patients play an important role in healthcare communications, raising disease awareness in communities.  

We work with patient groups and organisations to co-create content that tells the story from the patient perspective, conveying the impact of many diseases on quality of life and capturing the day-to-day issues. 


Unique Healthcare Insights

As a specialist healthcare communication agency we have access to granular insight into exactly what your patients want from their online experience. We know exactly what keywords you should rank for. Ensuring your web pages include relevant search terms to your organisation and specialist services will greatly influence how they’ll perform in search results and the quality of the traffic you can attract.
Our keyword discovery involves a comprehensive research of your target market, audience and competition, combined with our proprietary market data to identify all of the most valuable search phrases for your business.

Storytelling-Connect with your customers emotionally

In a competitive market it is essential to provide a meaningful experience that connects emotionally with customers. 

We understand that humans have a need for storytelling in order for us to understand the complex world around us.  The Grey Bear storytelling and writing team are skilled communicators and are as adept at telling scientific stories as we are at telling brand stories. 

Our stories win hearts and minds, and drive lasting behaviour changes.

left human hand

Patient Influencers

According to recent research 70% of millennials are influenced by the recommendations of their peers, while 90% of 18 to 24-year-olds trust medical information acquired through social media. Regardless of age, many patients now  search online to understand a medical condition.

So, there’s great opportunity for pharma companies that work with respected Key Opinion leaders and patients to help raise awareness of conditions.

We help our clients to boost their corporate brand and raise disease awareness whilst educating people.

By using social media and offering an insight into a patient’s personal journey we can help other similar patients to manage their condition, This can in turn benefit the company as it benefits from the exposure.

Top Tip:

When working with influencers, make sure you take the time to foster meaningful professional relationships that will benefit your brand on a long-term basis.

NHS and Health Professional network for co-creation

Grey Bear have a unique and exclusive network of NHS teams across many therapies and across leadership, making us one of the only strategic communications agencies with its own NHS panel to consult. Through this collaboration, Grey Bear can quickly identify the most impactful content and channels to support co-creation of content tailored for health professionals. 


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