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Karen is Managing Director at Denison Consulting UK and Europe. She works with clients to explore their organisational culture and helps businesses drive performance, specialising in high-impact development programmes for teams and one-to-one coaching. Karen is passionate about effective management and leadership styles that drive compassion.

Karen has her own courageous story and in this podcast she shares how she has used her own passion for making a difference to challenge situations and status quo, and how she now channels this within her work.

Karen talks to me about the breakdown of her marriage, her daughter’s illness, and how from an early time in her career, she challenged her leaders, transforming workplaces that  were ambiguous and unmanageable into something energising and productive.

Karen is known for “getting to the nub of a situation” quickly and asking insightful and thought-provoking questions to help bring clarity and understanding.  One client described her as provocative and challenging when needed,but ultimately hugely supportive.

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