Internal Communications

Internal Communications and Employee Mobilisation

We understand the vital importance of having a company culture that enables employees to deliver their best work.  

Companies that have a strong internal communications programme see a wealth of benefits including high levels of employee engagement, customer loyalty and financial return. 

Only 5% of employees are aware of or understand their company’s strategy, despite 90% of middle managers believing that the company strategy is frequently communicated to employees (ArchPoint, n.d.). 

Effective communication ensures that all employees understand the company vision and purpose, feel they are valued, can bring their whole selves to work and make a contribution. The leadership team “walk the talk”, invite input and feedback and ensure their actions match the company narrative. Mechanisms are in place to ensure effective communication at all levels. 

Employees are 20% more likely to remain at a company where they feel inspired and empowered, which, in turn, reduces replacement costs and productivity losses (Gammon, 2014).  

The Edelman Trust Barometer has found that most people trust their employer more than NGOs, other businesses, government or media (Edelman, 2020). 


How We Can help...

We provide the right mix of internal and corporate communications blended with employee empowerment and collaboration projects and programmes.

We work with our clients to bring together their cross-functional teams in an environment that fosters collaboration, collegiate working and divergent thinking. We enable organisations to create a positive and shared vision of the future, commit to a roadmap for getting there and taking all their teams on the journey together.

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Grey Bear Training

Effective communication has a positive impact on every aspect of a company’s operations.  It increases collaboration within and between teams, and it boosts productivity. Yet it can be tricky to achieve if your employees don’t truly understand their own, and one another’s, communication style and preferences.

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